Snow: A Recappageddon

Can I possibly add to this picture?

While the rest of the world (looking at you, Norway) proved incapable of going JUST ONE BLIZZARD WITHOUT DRESSING UP IN SCUBA GEAR AND CHASING THE GOOGLE MAPS CAR WITH A TRIDENT, I SWEAR, plenty of intellectual babies have been incubating in the womb of the State under the thick, cold, dirty, was-wet-but-now-is-just-a-spot-where-it-was-wet-before blanket we call snow. So, to make up for lost time, let me introduce you to those things in a new segment we like to call RapiDFire!!

Never trust an Iguana around your pets.

Several shows got cancelled or rescheduled or altered to account for the snow. The Iguanas were scheduled for Friday Feb 5th but have rescheduled to June 4th. The Iguanas were part of our Mardi Gras onslaught, as the New Orleans band was prepared to hold a live interview on parallels between Katrina and Haiti (which had just occurred at the time) and the original date was two days before the Super Bowl, a week before our Mardi Gras Madness Party and Tab <3enoit Valetine’s, three weeks before Trombone Shorty, and a New Orleans inspired Magic Hat Beer Dinner thrown in there too.   Continue Reading »


This isn't NAM, Smokey, there are rules.. (couldn't come up with anything funnier than the actual dialog. sorry)

Tonight we show a movie that was meant to be shown on a Sunday afternoon to cure a hangover Monday night with a bar close by. The Big Lebowski, the Coen brothers’ epic journey of Jeffrey Lebowski, The Dude, and his quest for sanity in a world that seems to only care about breaking into his house and pissing on his rug.

Needless to say, but I’m pretty excited about it. We’ve already got a few calls making sure we are still open to show the movie tonight. Even my parents are coming. So, uh, don’t plan on sneaking a doobie up into the balcony, they will seriously harsh your mellow. No one likes to be grabbed by their ears and lectured, especially by someone else’s mom. Continue Reading »

Hey kim, can Ray-J do THAT??

Well it’s that time of year, folks. The Big Game is upon us. The playoffs played off in delightful fashion, and if you’re a conspiracy theorist like the amigo here then you have plenty of fodder to scratch into your wall as proof you weren’t crazy when the feds come get you. Anyway, two really good teams are playing in what appears to be an exciting Big Game on paper. (We’re legally prohibited from calling it the S*p*r B*wl so we’re going with “Big Game”.  Although I like it better as Uper Owl Sunday.)

To keep things interesting, we are giving you free hot dogs until they run out, and free wings at halftime. On top of that, I will personally hook you up IF you get one of these prop bets on the nose. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to hook you up with, but place your bets in the comments section.

Finally, I found this video in my wayward internet travels of what the Super Bowl would look like if different famous directors had been in charge of it. Pretty spot on stuff. Someone at NYU just got an A on their final. (video won’t work. mothersnapper. here is the link anyway)

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"That's it. Just ease up gently on the clutch and... what? No, YOU have a boner."

Live again here at the Teatro for this special holiday edition of Monday Moooovie Night and our screening of Groundhog Day on this crisp Groundhog’s Day Eve. (I for one can’t wait to find out when this cursed winter will end. Low pressure late winter holidays are my favorite. MLK, President’s, Groundhog, Valentine’s, Easter/Passover, April Fool’s: pretty nice way to unwind after the big ones.)

Anyway, back to the movie. One of the funniest ever. I don’t lie. This movie is phenomenal. One of Bill Murray’s best performances, solid performances from every comedic bit player of the 90’s, and even a tolerable performance from Andie Macdowell. This might be Bill Murray’s best role. (vote on that after the jump)

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Last night I put down my medicine pipe just long enough to flip back and forth between the Pro Bowl and the Grammys. I caught a couple of early performances at the Grammys and my medicine must have been

Sausages? Sausages? Sausages? Sausages?...

working because I was really digging them. Beyonce murked it. She can sing well, I would say if English were my second or third language. I hear it comes from her hips. But what really made me cock my head to the side and bay anxiously at the mailman was the performance by the Zac Brown Band, accentuated in no small part by STATE STALWART LEON RUSSELL. Surprise guest on the keys really threw me for a loop. Zac Brown Band played countless times in Athens while the Amigo was attending school there and I never thought twice about them, but they were really impressive. I’m not one for all these over-produced modern country but I bet those guys put on a great show.

Video after the jump (update: youtube video down due to terms of use violation… total harsh… new video/link provided…)… Continue Reading »

Should we be naked for this?

What up world,

I’m here live at the State for this week’s installment of Monday Movie Night and our selection this week is This is Spinal Tap. This is definitely one of the more fitting choices for a movie shown at a music venue for obvious reasons. Spinal Tap is also Christopher Guest’s (Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman) time capsule, featuring the same faux-documentary style as all of his other movies but rougher around the edges. Great cameos by the way. All the same people you know and love, and Billy Crystal as a mime caterer. Continue Reading »

Hello friend, You must be here for the after-party. Who sent you? What is the password? Nevermind that. This here blog is to keep you up on what’s going on at the Historic State Theatre. In the near future this space will be the vein that carries the blood of the theatre to you, from our shows to our Monday Movie Nights to our dance parties and everything you can interpolate and extrapolate. Expect picturesvideos, interviews, live feeds, contests, promotions, hugs, tears, cups of coffee with kindergarten sweethearts, late nights in strange places and everything that comes along with the night life round heeyah. Follow along and drink what we pour. But be careful not to leave your glass unattended. Our stuff is safe, but you never know when some sailor is only in town for the night. I’ve seen it a thousand times… …Anyway.

Toodle-oo amigos